Shillong Diaries…

There’s always something good in the moments gone by, even if you didn’t felt it back then.

Went with Kong eiat to her 1st day of school for inaugural ceremony. Listening to the Principal’s speech after a long time felt good. Looking up at the sky, partly blue and partly white, being poked by the gymnosperms I fell into reverie.

The Principal continued – “The purpose of education is not the carrier but the character you become.” – A substantial statement. Character is the mark of quality of soul.                   He said,”The theme for this year is – The Joy of Giving. Be joyous from within, relate to the inner Joy and it’ll show in your work. Relate to others.”                                                  “Let’s be happy from this moment and forever”, he said.

Walking through the school corridor, passing by the classrooms I reminisced – I used to be joyous in my school days because of the person I was. I used to be joyous inside knowing I was all others coveted. One does not need anything/anyone to make them happy outside. I never realised all of it then but today.                                                                                                                                          [God with us.]

Don’t contemplate Life.

We were all born so happy.                                                                                                             We were all born so innocent.

And then we lost all our happiness growing up,                                                                              But then loosing the way is finding oneself.                                                                                 So we invest the precious years of our lives finding that happiness again,                          And that’s the cycle of life.                                                                                                          Some find it in money, others in love, some in competing, others in giving joys and some never does.

We were all born so innocent.                                                                                                    Then we lost it all learning the ways of life,                                                                                And then we complain about people lying, deceiving, broken trusts.                                        Once again finding ourselves we invest our precious years in it.                                            And most of us die with these specialities.

Instead…….   Keep it simple.

Shillong Dairies…

Every dream has its cost and yes it can be bargained. You have to decide what you wanna pay.

You pay The Smiles – Your own, your beloved ones, or lesser loved ones. But it always hurts.

You smile, you cry. You are filled with emotions and next you are drained of it.

You can relinquish your dreams or you can follow the trail you chose. It may be too foggy to see the destination but you can enjoy the ambiance.

Because it’s the road less traveled you may have to act the Pathfinder – The torch is in your hand, make the best outta it.


Shillong Diaries…

A suave life is what we all long for, so did I.                                                                              And that’s what beatifies our parents, & envies our relatives and friends.                         But our soul certainly doesn’t need any such cladding.                                                           The more it’s bared, the more opulence it’s in.

We walk.

I was watching the movie “The Way Back” for the third time, after having a fun and tiring day. (#Basketball#Cafehopping#Coffee#Games#Talks#Weed#FunHaha).

‘We walk’ , said Yanush, after reaching across the Mongolian border, their last hope for freedom. He decided to walk the Himalayas, for his freedom.

After myself having walked “The David Scott Trail”- The trail set by a British administrator, David Scott, to save his life from a Khasi warrior – I realised how powerful and captivating these two words are!

Today we all prefer engine driven metal boxes over our feet while our feet are the ones that can transcend us to the undiscovered, lesser known spheres. Walking signifies determination. It’s our strength.

Set your feet Free, they are the Magic Carpet!

Shillong Diaries… 

I don’t know, The Hills were getting “High” or The Moon was getting “Low”.                  Moon was falling and hanging in the middle of the valley.                                                    Eyes glued to the sky, flirting with the moon(my old days bestie), I realised we are all a part of the Galaxy. Looking at the undulating paths cut through the hills, I knew our bodies are the nature.

And whenever I needed a high I smoked the cold. Healthier and better.

Shillong Diaries….

Living the life you dreamed of- Best feeling.                                                                                   I got new family. I got so many mommies here..3…. I feel blessed. The Universe is answering. Thanks to you.

You feel good, you receive good.                                                                                                     You be and do good, you find good in the  world.

Dare to trust the strangers. Make random friends… Utilize this life. Be at the zenith.